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We are located on the 7th floor of Nils Hasselmo Hall at the University of Minnesota, next door to Coffman Union. We’re in 7-206, part of the open lab layout in NHH.



The Living Devices Lab is actively seeking postdoctoral candidates to study sickle cell disease. The primary work for this position will be to further our understanding of biophysical mechanisms of pathophysiology in sickle cell disease. This work will build on the laboratory’s existing expertise in using microfluidic technology to study sickle cell blood rheology under physiologic conditions. The successful applicant will modify existing platforms or develop new platforms to test novel hypotheses that are developed in conjunction with the PI. Depending on the candidate’s expertise and interests, specific work may include sickle blood rheology, single cell mechanics, sickle hemoglobin polymerization kinetics, and multiscale biophysical modeling. Applications must be submitted online at Inquiries about the position should be sent directly to the PI

David K. Wood

University of Minnesota
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